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Billy’s fifth book ‘Anything Goes’ - The warm and touching tale of a family growing up in the 1960s.


It's December 1963 when Billy Hopkins and his wife Laura arrive back home in Manchester, after five years in Africa. The bitter English weather is a shock, but there are bigger surprises to come, for the world they left behind has changed beyond recognition. Now, it's the swinging sixties, with headlines full of the Beatles and the pill, LSD and mini skirts. Traditional values have been thrown into the melting pot.


As a father of four, Billy might have cause to worry. But his youngest son still believes in Santa Claus and while his daughter's reading Jackie, she's not even a teenager yet. Billy's more concerned about the welfare of his increasingly forgetful father and about the daily (and sometimes exquisitely humorous) challenges he faces as a college lecturer than about the impact of modern society on his offspring. When the four junior Hopkins start to choose their own, unexpected paths in life, though, Billy finds it harder than usual to see the funny side of things…


ANYTHING GOES brings readers close to a warm and loving family who somehow get through all their ups and downs the dangerous illness of a child, the astonishing money-making schemes of enthusiastic youngsters, the heartbreaking decline of a parent without ever losing their sense of humour.   Nostalgic, witty and at times sad, ANYTHING GOES is essential reading for everyone who has ever been a parent, or ever rebelled against their own.




ISBN 978-0-7553-4322-5





All the books have been published by World Book Club.


All the books have also been published in large print versions by:

Magna Large Print Books, North Yorkshire, BD23 4ND.


All the books have been done on audio cassettes read by:

Christopher Kay of BBC by Soundings, Kings Drive, Whitley Bay, T & W NE26 2JT.

In the case of OUR KID, a version on 14 CDs has been produced by the same company (Soundings).






Press Reviews for Anything Goes

What The Readers Say