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"It was a great pleasure to read this highly entertaining sequel to OUR KID. Its mixture of fact and fiction, class divisions, failures and triumphs set in the aftermath of the war recalls vividly memories of a Manchester I knew."

Dan Murphy, retired Teacher, Manchester


"I read HIGH HOPES faster than many books I've read all year. I both laughed and cried throughout. I found its easy reading style and uncomplicated plot grabbed my attention to the final page. Billy is a loveable character with an irrepressible sense of humour and an over-riding sense to better himself so that he can't fail."

Mrs. Kathleen Rawcliffe (nee Quinlan), Infants Teacher, Fleetwood, Lancashire


"When I received the book, I thought I'd just have a quick peek at it. I became utterly engrossed in it and ended up having to make a mad dash to get to my appointment. I thoroughly enjoyed it right up to the last page. HIGH HOPES is very readable, unpretentious and brimming with humour. It lifts the curtain on life in the 40s - as it was for students and for a young teacher in an inner-city school. Your books would make a great new T.V. soap. How about it?"

Joan Kennedy, retired Teacher, Manchester


"The pawkish humour of Billy remains and bubbles out frequently in unexpected places. His wonderful teaching methods and ways to harness the interest of apparently 'lumpen' children under his care is most read. His novel way of teaching these young minds seems to pre-date teaching methods by many years. This latest books is a wonderful sequel to the life and career of Billy the Collyhurst Kid."

Dr. Jen McWilliam, General Practitioner, Staffordshire


Dear Billy,

"I think you have a hit but this time, with the simple virginal love story, I could see it transposed to celluloid very readily. Your flow is perfect and also the holding; I want to know what is going to happen next. The beautiful way you teach the reader to teach is wonderful and I think that we can all learn from this. And of course your characterisation of the Irish is only brilliant and I feel that only a person like you could have got it so."

Dr. Darragh Little, General Practitioner, Limerick, Ireland


"Everyone will enjoy HIGH HOPES. The story is easy to read, no complicated plots to cause confusion and the events move quietly and quickly. Everyone will warm to Billy, a likeable young man, full of life with an unquenchable optimism in everything he does. The book reflects the exuberance of youth in those early days of post-war Britain. Thank you for providing such a good read and for bringing so much pleasure to all who enjoy tales of Manchester."

Bernard Lawson M.B.E., retired Private Secretary to The Lord Mayor of Manchester




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Press Reviews for High Hopes