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Itís the 1950s and, like the rest of the country, Manchester is still suffering from post-war austerity. Despite this, Billy and Laura Hopkins are in seventh heaven as they return from their honeymoon - but their euphoria soon evaporates as they find themselves desperate for money and a home of their own. With a baby on the way and the bills mounting, they yearn for more than Billyís teaching salary can offer them.

'There's got to be more to life than this,' Billy thinks.

Then Billy hears an appeal for Education Officers in Kenya. The glowing description of life in the colony, together with the many financial incentives, make it a tempting alternative to poorly paid slog in rainy Britain. But what about the recent Mau Mau rebellion and the inevitable culture shock? After much hesitation, and against the advice of their families, Billy and Laura set off on a BOAC Argonaut for Nairobi and an exotic new life.


Filled with humour and warmth, GOING PLACES is a compelling story of one familyís journey to a land of dreams, challenges and heartache thousands of miles from home.












ISBN 978-0-7553-4321-8

All the books have been published by World Book Club.


All the books have also been published in large print versions by:

Magna Large Print Books, North Yorkshire, BD23 4ND.


All the books have been done on audio cassettes read by:

Christopher Kay of BBC by Soundings, Kings Drive, Whitley Bay, T & W NE26 2JT.

In the case of OUR KID, a version on 14 CDs has been produced by the same company (Soundings).






Press Reviews for Going Places

What The Readers Say