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'This has to be among the top half dozen autobiographical-like works for the year and from now on it will head my personal list of favourite novels for many years ahead.'

Brian W. McGuinness, Retired Professor Primary Health Care, Keele University.


'Just read GOING PLACES and really enjoyed it. Will be looking for your other books.'

Susan Hansen, Falkland Islands


'Am reading GOING PLACES at the moment and can't put it down. Am even refusing lifts to/from work so I can read it on the bus.'

Maria K. Saunders, Manchester.


'Just to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading GOING PLACES. The good humour, sincerity, narrative power and "old-fashioned" values of this book are qualities I particularly appreciated.'

Dr Gabriel A. Sivan, Jerusalem, Israel


'Heard about your books from a fellow passenger when cruising the West Indies. Thank you for four brilliant books. Finished GOING PLACES in early hours of this morning. I've not laughed so much for a long time and must admit to a surreptitious tear occasionally. If you take up your pen (or keyboard), rest assured that here in Essex is one fan who will be buying the first book to come off the shelf.'

John Clifford, Essex.


'I so enjoyed reading GOING PLACES - brilliant. It was an education. I am a registered Nurse and my husband is a surveyor. We both lead busy lives but my relaxation is reading and I have enjoyed immensely each of your books. Please keep writing.

Susanna Robinson


'I find your books wonderful to read and never put them down. Any plans to write any more after GOING PLACES?'

Emily, aged 19


'Just finished GOING PLACES and thoroughly enjoyed it.'

Clive Wilson, A Yorkshireman exiled in Dorset.


'Is there a follow-up to GOING PLACES in the pipeline? My mother is having withdrawal symptoms after reading all four books in a couple of weeks.'

Chris, Glossop


'GOING PLACES evoked so many memories for our time in the Gold Coast in the early fifties.'

Carole Lee, Bodmin, Cornwall.


'What a delight to read GOING PLACES! It brought memories of my family's time in Kenya flooding back.'

Michelle Turner.


'Have just completed reading your last book GOING PLACES which was fantastic. Keep up the good work.'

Jackie, Stretford, Manchester.


‘How I love your books. I almost hyperventilated in W.H. Smith's last week when I discovered you had written another - GOING PLACES.’

Rita Green, Worcestershire.


'Just read GOING PLACES. Thank you for the joy.'



'I'm on the last chapter of GOING PLACES and will be sorry to finish it. I'm sure I'll re-read all you books. Thanks for the entertaining read you've give me.'

Carol Hardwick.


'I'm half way through GOING PLACES and I'm gripped.'

Hilary Lewis.


Received my copy of GOING PLACES. Just read the first few paragraphs and had a good laugh. Billy and I are kindred spirits.

Ken Miller, Derby


GOING PLACES arrived yesterday and I have not put it down since. It is so evocative, especially from the Colonial Office interview onwards, bringing back a range of emotions and memories, most extremely happy I'm glad to say. Tomorrow we are off to France by which time I should have finished the masterpiece. The holiday reading will be good this year.

Bill Sherratt, Sevenoaks, Kent


I bought GOING PLACES yesterday and I am just finishing HIGH HOPES (for the second time) to get me back into the right mood. No matter how many times I read these novels, I get a good laugh and I love the stories and so I am really looking forward to opening your latest.

Angus Greenhalgh, Sorrento, W. Australia


I loved the story of GOING PLACES and your wonderful sense of humour. I was in Nigeria in the colonial days, in Ecuador, and in Sierra Leone. Everything you wrote seemed to ring a bell with me. Thank you for a wonderful book - it recalled so many experiences for me.

Dr Gus Plaut, Halstead, Essex


I have just finished reading GOING PLACES, an amazing book. I cried, I laughed, and enjoyed all of it with so many memories of things that happened to me in India, Nepal, and Cambodia. Wow!! What a book! Many thanks.

Robert Stever, MD, Seattle, USA


I have just got back from the Far East (Was I the first to read GOING PLACES in the Far East?) I loved every word of it. I kept looking back to see if I had piles more pages to read. If I could take 10 books with me on an island, 4 of them would be yours (along with C.S. Lewis and Jake Arnott).

Robert Splaine, Rutland


GOING PLACES grabbed me so that I wanted to know what was coming next - the thing that all good novels should do. It moved at a steady pace, coherently and sequentially (thank God it was non-Joycean!). I was intrigued by the chapters about Manchester - the problems of housing and financial manipulation and I identified with those early years: the disappointments and the euphoric moments of success. You fulfilled all my expectations about Kenya. You took the reader with you into the atmosphere of Africa with its delights, fears and horrors. (I admire the way you coped with the flora and fauna). The native Africans come alive on the page. Your sense of humour came across nicely both linguistically and in action. It gave a breezy levity to a serious adventure. I felt you had captured the spirit of what it was like to be a teacher in that area of Africa at that time. I loved your book and anticipate the next instalment. Congratulations.

Leo Lee, Retired Education Lecturer, Exmouth, Devon





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