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'I read Going Places in one sitting. Time vanished, the sounds of the day receded, the cat remained unfed.'

Mick Middles, Manchester Evening News.


'As with his other titles, GOING PLACES by Billy Hopkins was a total joy. Reading it in preparation for the audio version, I could have almost been in on location in the Kenya he was evoking. Chortling to myself as I read, other holidaymakers in the Turkish hotel must have thought me bonkers. Long may the Muse inspire you, Billy!'

Christopher Kay, (BBC) Reader of the Soundings audio versions of all Billy's books.


This fictionalized biography is an easy page turner; rich in anecdote, the story exudes a heartfelt quality, making it a delight to read. Billy comes across as very human - making mistakes, thinking creatively and caring for his family, his country and the wider world. Like his other books, Going Places will have a wide appeal.'

Claire Morris. The Historical Novels Review


In this latest episode of the Billy Hopkins saga, the Manchester teacher spreads his wings and takes his family from rainy Lancashire to a new life in colonial Kenya of the 1950s. His many fans will soon be chortling as he relates adventure after adventure. I can't wait for more of his escapades.'

Steve Craggs, Northern Echo


The fourth in the best selling series of personal tales by Billy Hopkins of life in 'Manchester during the first half of the last century. His books have been well received by the public because they evoke readers' own memories.'

Lancashire Life.


Billy's earlier books (KATE'S STORY, OUR KID, HIGH HOPES) have all been massive sellers around the world. Here the action switches to colonial East Africa. One problem after another is described with a humour that's so contagious the reader is soon infected - and will happily suffer the symptoms.'

Alan Domville, Warrington Guardian


He's gone and done it again, then with a fourth nostalgic tale of the way things were. If you know the story so far, you'll relish this.'

David Graham, Manchester Evening News.


'In response to an appeal for education officers in Kenya, Billy and Laura set off for Nairobi. How they weather the ups and downs of their new life overseas makes a lovely, heart-warming story.'



Billy Hopkins' tales of life in the North West in the first half of the last century have captured the imagination of thousands of readers. OUR KID, HIGH HOPES and KATE'S STORY have all leapt to the top of the best seller list, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the latest instalment in the saga.'

Jacqueline Morley, Blackpool Gazette.


'Filled with humour and warmth, Going Places is the compelling story of one family's journey to a land of dreams, challenges and heartache, thousands of miles from home.'

Jardines, Knutsford Guardian.


'Like all his previous books, this one is written in a conversational style that soon draws you into the dramas of family life and keeps you hooked right to the end.'

Lancashire Life.


'This is well-written nostalgia for those of us old enough to remember.'

Jayne Bennett, The South Wales Argus


'Thanks to the former Liverpool school-teacher's uncluttered writing style, Going Places flows beautifully.'

Rachael Tinniswood, Liverpool Echo


The book provides the reader with another nostalgic tale of life in the 1950s, although this trip down memory land takes a new twist as the family move to Kenya. This story of a family dealing with their dreams, new challenges and heartaches is sure to capture the imagination.'

Huddersfield Daily Examiner






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