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The 2nd Mancsgiving Day

Was Better Than Any Of Us

Could Have Wished For!


Mancsgiving Day 2018 had everything going on! On the outside there were bands and poets, circus acts and all kinds of food & drink, whilst inside there were actors and magic, dance and art, fashion and spiritual journeys! And virtually everywhere one looked amongst the diverse crowd were the smiling faces of people meeting old friends and making new - all part of this wonderful community in South Manchester, centred in leafy Whalley Range. So what was it all for?


Organised by Mancsgiving, a group of local volunteer fundraisers, the 2018 festival was held to raise money for Reach Out to the Community and Manchester Mind. Entry was gained by Voluntary Donation.  A Huge ‘Thank You’ goes out to all those that took part, performers, caterers and volunteers, alike – we couldn’t have done it without you!


After all expenses and costs had been met, this year we raised the fantastic sum of £1076, which was split equally between our two chosen charities, Reach Out to the Community and Manchester Mind.


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Last year, following the atrocities at Manchester Arena, we presented our 1st MANCSGIVING DAY to help raise money for those affected by the bombing.  This year, we were back with more…


More Photographs:


This year, we saw lots of people taking photographs, but in particular three (so far) have granted us permission to show their pictures on our website:
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